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Glendale CA - Mayor Friedman intentionally violated the confidentiality of Closed Session information by meeting with City Executives and telling them the name of the new City Manager even though it has not been made public by the City Council. On the previous Friday the Mayor's colleague City Councilmember Dave Weaver allegedly unintentionally leaked the same information while he had apparently been under the influence of an unknown alcoholic substance while out with friends.

Issues relevant to the Brown Act of the disclosing of confidential closed session information. "However, when it comes to confidential information learned during closed sessions, the decision to provide greater transparency must reflect the collective judgment of the decision-making body. It is not, under most circumstances, one that an individual elected official may make for him- or herself. For this reason, the Brown Act specifically prohibits the disclosure of confidential information acquired in closed session:7

A person may not disclose confidential information that has been acquired by being present in a closed session ... to a person not entitled to receive it, unless the legislative body authorizes disclosure of that confidential information.8

This language underscores the notion that if confidential information is to be disclosed, such a decision is the prerogative of the group of decision-makers - not simply one individual." Special thanks to Burke, Williams & Sorensen for its support of this column. Juli C. Scott, chief assistant city attorney, Burbank, and Rob Ewing, city attorney, Danville, also contributed to this article.

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