The Insider

The Insider is written by city employees that care about the way the City is run. As they are concerned about retaliation, their identities are secret. Vanguard provides them the opportunity to have this forum. The comments are their own.

It appears that a back door deal is being negotiated between the Official Police Towing contractors whose towing contracts expire soon. The City may just grant a 5 year extension. They are bickering over call volume. Crescenta Valley Towing says not enough and Monterey & Gay‘s are not willing to adjust their rates. They may not go out to bid. A former CCM is involved in the talks.

More about the Vassar affordable housing project. ADI fired their employee that provided pictures showing the cut rebar to the city inspector in order to protect the in-house architect and the structural engineer that said there was no problem. Of course a problem could pop up with a 7.0 earthquake. At this juncture the City of Glendale has subordinated its responsibility for the safety of the residents in the HUD property.

Looks like the bonus babies will be exposed on Monday, about time. Also looks like the City will be forming a media relations committee to insure the proper spin will be controlled by the executives.

If the community truly wants to send a message that they are fed up with waste in government, they should send the existing Council members packing next year. None have done anything except what they have been told to do by Starbird since taking office. Don't expect the old police building to be used anytime soon. "Lack of funds". Good thing we bought an asylum!!!

Looks like a City Attorney will be let go…let‘s see if you can tell from this description: REDACTED