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Mr. Molano's article only touches the surface. The last bond issue was to be used to repair and restore the GUSD's aging infrastructure in the local schools, which was supposedly beyond its useful life. Unfortunately, the infrastructure at the schools is mismanaged and not taken care of properly. The GUSD has scores of engineers, janitors and workers on their payrolls with absolutely no oversight. A Concerned Citizen

Recently I did some research on CalPERS and its pension underfunding in this state. It is WAY more massive than you read. I became interested after hearing a CalPERS representative in Huntington Park last week. That presentation was scary but this is even more so....... Several days ago the CalPERS board met and they videotaped the 2-3 day meeting they had with their actuaries.

Get this, within two years the cost to cities, counties, and the state for pension payments will go up 35% - 40%. Do you realize how many cities, counties, and states will collapse when that starts.........freakin' 40% and they are on their own damn video tape saying this to each other.

HOLY SMOKE!!!!!!!!! That‘s $200 million for the City of Los Angeles alone. You should see how this will impact Glendale. GM.

Whatever happened to the threat made by Chris Stavros, fire union president, in open session to the city council that he would come back every Monday evening to chide them until they approve the $40 million dollars to build two new fire stations? Weaver said it was critical to the safety of the citizens because it was taking longer to get out of the stations to respond to calls because the apparatus floor space was too narrow. The fire union even showed some doctored photos to "prove" their claim.

The scary part was that all council members were ready to approve the money, but the recession and CalPERS warnings of massive increases in pension requirements miraculously made this "critical" issue disappear into oblivion. Fire Buff

I have a question for Vanguard. Is Council member Drayman a Pitcher or a Catcher?

That is a question for the Council member to answer. Vanguard archives are negative on Drayman in baseball.