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From the Editor's Desk

Even though the Glendale City Council doesnít appreciate Vanguardians, doing almost everything in their power to discredit the work we do, there are numerous whistle blowers and concerned citizens that contact us about issues that are not healthy for the community.

We have become a focal point for those that seek a transparent government, a government that represents all the people, not just a few special interests.

Each week we reproduce articles about corruption all around the nation. From cops to firemen; from Congress to State legislatures; Governors, Mayors and City Council members. Sociologists and Law Enforcers are seeking reasons for this decay. To me the reason is simple. No one is watching.

When egregious activities cost taxpayers dearly and they sit idle; that gives officials tacit approval for their shenanigans.

I have often sat through council meetings where I have watched as council members get orders over their BlackBerrys on how to vote, while the voters sit and watch in awe at why the council could vote a certain way after having heard testimoney from those in the chambers.

Council is very dismissive of pundits that come before it to share their knowledge of the financial issues that the City is facing. Think about it...five years ago those pundits called on the council for fiscal conservancy based on the projections of a recession that is still upon us. But they responded by bestowing more riches on the hired help.Continued


Weekly Update from Vanguard

Cy Pres Award

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Friends,I know you care deeply about local government accountability, transparency and openness as well as the Sunshine laws that stem from the First Amendment. These are the rights of democratic citizenship that underlie all others because they enable the people to hold their government accountable.

For almost 10 years, Vanguardians has fought to protect your access to address government officials whose natural tendency is to resist public scrutiny. We investigate and then voluntarily provide information to the appropriate authorities to bring miscreants to justice. It takes an educated and motivated public to support these activities. It takes financial resources to do this.

Won't you please make your tax-deductible contribution, pledge or grant to Vanguardians today?

This fundraising opportunity comes at a time when the need for Vanguardians services has never been greater. Although historically weíve depended upon print and television to keep a watchful eye on government and to go to court, when necessary, to force officials to play by the rules, very few traditional media organizations are still able to perform this crucial function.

If the financial crisis facing state and local governments contains a teachable moment, it is that citizens need to be armed with information about their rights and empowered to assert them in the face of official recalcitrance.

Vanguardians uses the legislatively limited tools available to tip the scales in favor of the publicís right to know. Vanguard News Service and our Weekly Community Forums are among the tools we rely on to get community input and to provide outreach and disseminate not easily obtained information.

When more is needed, we will not shy away from doing battle in court. With the backing of supporters like you, the future can be a time of recovering lost ground, of taking back rights to participate in government decision-making, of knowing what government officials are doing and holding them responsible.

Just as we all enjoy the protection of First Amendment rights, each of us must also be prepared to protect and defend these liberties. We invite you to step up and join them in showing support for free speech and the right to know.

Now I'm asking you to do your part to protect your rights and those of your children and grandchildren; to protect your information source; and to protect your continued opportunity to speak up to local government without fear of bullying or retaliation. Your contributions are tax-deductible. Vanguardians is an exempt non-profit organization under section 501(C)(3) of the tax code.

  • To pay by check, please make your check payable to Vanguardians and mail it to:
    Vanguardians, Post Office Box 11202, Glendale, CA 91226
  • To contribute online by credit card or PayPal use our website or call us (818 243 1502).
  • To make a contribution of securities, please call us (818 243 1502).
Keeping speech free and elected officials accountable is a full-time job. Because the traditional press is no longer able to serve as guardian of the public's right to know, the corrupting influence of special interests --from unscrupulous developers and contractors to PACs -- expands unchecked.

But now you can say NO to those corrupt interests. Join with Vanguardians and take a big step to restoring government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Thank you for your support.

Barry Allen, Executive Director