The City of Glendale is overdue in response to this record request made on November 8, 2010:
To provide documents demonstrating:

  1. the Federal Stimulus (ARRA) money received;
  2. the projects for which it was received;
  3. documents describing the number of jobs created by that Stimulus;
  4. the amount of money left or unspent at this time.

  5. Public Information Officer

City spent about $850,000 on outside Legal Counsel in addition to the City Attorney budget.

Cases of note include Ovasapyan (falsely accused of home invasion murder and may be the recipient of $1,000,000 judgment) that the City has already spent $107,000 to mitigate their loss.

The five GPD officers that are suing for discrimination - the City has already spent $151,000 in defending the case before the trial. More soon...

News Briefs:

GLENDORA: - Police Chief Charles Montoya took home at least $80,000 in vacation leave cash outs before retiring in Dec. 2009, according to city financial documents. Montoya cashed in 822 hours - about 102 days - of vacation hours he had saved since being hired in March 2003 until he was capped under a new contract in 2008, according to city documents. Montoya also cashed in 80 hours or more in vacation leave several times between 2008 and 2009 outside of the 822 hours. Read More

SAN BERNANDINO: A proposal to cap vacation, holiday and administrative accrual time for San Bernardino County's non-union employees got unanimous approval Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors. It ends a long-standing practice of the county's allowing of exempt employees - or those not represented by labor unions - to bank administrative, vacation and holiday time and let it roll over year after year."I think it's a first step towards bringing the county in line with private sector standards, and bringing exempt employees in line with rank-and-file employees who already have a cap on how much they can accrue," said Supervisor Neil Derry, who proposed the ordinance.

California: The Stanford University research team that shocked Sacramento this year by declaring that the state's three pension systems are more than $400 billion underfunded has struck again, saying local government pension systems are nearly $200 billion short.

Georgia: Jack T. Camp Jr., a Senior U.S. District Judge in the Northern District of Georgia, admitted that he unlawfully possessed and used cocaine, marijuana, and Roxycodone and that he gave an individual, whom he knew had a prior felony drug conviction, money to purchase those drugs. Camp also admitted that he unlawfully gave that individual a U.S. District Court laptop computer for her personal use.

New York: Four former and current public officials in Nassau County have been arrested on corruption charges. District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced the indictment of two former Nassau County legislators, one former North Hempstead official, and the current executive director of the Town of North Hempstead Community Development Agency. The charges follow a three-year investigation into the multimillion-dollar New Cassel Redevelopment Project. The investigation revealed multiple schemes, including a large-scale bid-rigging and bribery scheme to steer the multi-million project to a selected developer, as well as the theft of $150,000 of public funds, according to Rice.

PONDERABLES: Grants Pass, OR has some major problems - the citizens relying on the big bucks of special interests threw out the reformers and brought back the so called conservatives. Read More

MONTEREY PARK - The City Council has authorized an audit of city finances to determine when Monterey Park began paying officials for unused vacation and sick leave.

Maryland Police Officers charged in Extortion scheme

Maryland Politician caught with $90K in Underwear

Santa Clara Approves Lay-off Plan

San Diego plans to enter Bankruptcy?

LAFD Firemen Plead Guilty to Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Corruption Investigation in Bell, quashed by Police Chief

Wrongdoing by Bell Administrator comes to light in newest audit

Judge may appoint a "monitor" for the troubled City of Bell